Chat Assesment Generator

Version Beta 0.7.2

To generate an assement, create nodes with structured sequences (introductions, orders(transition) and conclusion), events (display and change interactive documents, trigger animations), Bot dialogs and 4 answers propositions. The Bot dialogs simulate a chat module, others modules could be build in the future (real voices, email, videoChat).
Each assesment begin with a Sequence Introduction, and an order page. Each branch must end with a conlusion node. This last node will send information to TAO in PCI format.
Only bot reaction nodes can hold an answer set.
You can move a node by holding down the left mouse button using drag and drop. You can copy a node holding CRTL (for windows) or Command (on OSX) and using drag and drop. To add a new node right click on an existing node and choose in the context menu the node's type you need. Then, under the tree graph, you can edit all informations the node needs. Don't forget to save the information using the GENERATE JSON button in the menu. >You can delete node but be aware to keep a coherent structure.
Once it's done, the application will generate a Json string. You can send it to the PCI Generator, or save it as a Json format file. This file can be reloaded to continue your work. It's the way to save your creation. If you get familiar with the Json format you can directly write inside.


Load your work in JSON format (ext .json) :

Import Json File
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* means that the node is empty, fill the information below and save.
Manage here your assesment structure.
Click on a node to edit here its configuration.
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Search a node :
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Ici le doc interactif.
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HTML Player builder :

You can build here an HTML version of your project. Why an HTML version ? You can use it in the classroom with a video-projector, or propose it to your pupils or students in a computer classroom.

To use it, download the zip file, unzip it, and click on the index.html file, you don't need any web connection.

But, you can also put your project online (you need an hosting solution) for learners, or share it with teachers community.

Description : Right click on a existing node to create a new node. You can create an Introduction for a sequence, or a text Transition. An introduction occupy a full page, a transition fill half a page on the left side. Others types are available : you can create a chatroom, just add a "Bot Reaction" node. The first node of this type will install the chatroom. After a bot reaction you can add an answer set. By default an answer set has 4 propositions, you can reduce this number to 3 or 2 by deleting 3rd and 4th answers (don't delete 1rt or 2nd). The conclusion node is reserved for the last screen of a branch. Theses nodes accept only one connection. Use the editor below to create the content you want. You can paste a Word document if you prefer, but you have to organize pictures, CSS features and JS events.If you complete the resume, a short version of this page will appear before the chatroom as a reminder. If it's empty, just the title will appear. You can use shortcuts for answers node. Just precise the node you want to connect the answer. A red special symbol will show that the branch is ending by a shortcut.



Create / Edit content

Caution : No interactive HTML element such as button, select, inputs... in this editor. Put All interactive HTML element in the js file using Jquery. This is a PCI constraint

Resume :

CSS Edition :

JavaScript Edition :

Description : To set a Bot Reaction you have to choose an actor, or a system message, and create the next connexion. You can insert the firstname using this code : _Fname_ (dont't forget the two underscores, just copy it)...


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JavaScript Edition

Description : To set an answer, fill the content and define a semantic category, then create the next connexion

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JavaScript Edition